Holtec Nitrogen Generation Systems and Solutions

When Bulk Supply of Nitrogen Costs Soar, On-Site Generation is The Answer

Holtec Nitrogen Generator Systems

At Holtec Gas Systems, we specialize in providing cutting-edge on-site nitrogen (N2) generator systems that cater to a wide range of industries. With our focus on innovation, reliability, and performance, we are your ultimate provider for all your nitrogen generation needs.

Produce Your Own N2 to Save Money

When you are in control of your own N2 production, you can adjust the purity, quantity, pressure, and flow exactly as needed for your application. With a Holtec Membrane or PSA Nitrogen Generator, you can reduce your costs and eliminate the hassle and safety issues of high-pressure cylinders and liquid nitrogen supplies.

Our turnkey N2 Generators are ready for direct connection to a compressed air supply. With a capacity range from 20 to 250,000 SCFH (0.5 – 6,700 Nm3/h) and nitrogen purities between 95%- 99.999%, Holtec N2 Generators are fit for most applications.

We provide standard nitrogen systems or custom generators that are tailor made in accordance with your precise specifications and nitrogen purity requirements. 

At Holtec, we also provide comprehensive aftermarket services for our nitrogen generators, boosters and systems, including engineering support, and repair services.

Let Holtec Design an N2 Generation System for You

While our standard products make system selection easier, our ability to understand your application, your environment, and your users allows us to configure a system that meets your needs precisely.

At Holtec, your satisfaction is our top priority. We are experts at designing a solution that is right for your needs. Rather than simply providing a standard product, we will work with you to solve your application challenges. Let Holtec be your valued partner during the N2 generation system selection process!

Our Nitrogen Generation Solutions

Our Project Portfolio

Our project portfolio showcases our expertise in delivering efficient and reliable nitrogen generator systems for various industries. Through innovative technology and engineering, we have consistently provided our customers with nitrogen generator systems to match their application and environment. Learn more about our portfolio of projects.


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What Nitrogen Generation Technology is Best For Your Needs

We proudly manufacture nitrogen generators based on both the principles of Pressure-Swing Adsorption and Membrane gas separation technologies. When choosing the solution for you, the question arises: which of these nitrogen generation technologies aligns with your specific needs? Beyond cost savings, there are other critical factors to consider before choosing the best technology for your application. Learn more about how to choose the right technology.

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At Holtec, it’s about Science Force, not Sales Force!

With over 100 years of combined engineering experience in the gas separation industry, Holtec is a global supplier of PSA systems and Membrane nitrogen generators for producing high purity nitrogen gas. Holtec engineers began designing and manufacturing reliable nitrogen generation systems from our location in Chesterfield, Missouri, USA in 1999. In 2020, we moved into a much larger facility in nearby St. Charles, Missouri where we can now build even the largest systems in house.


With broad experience in the field of nitrogen generation, our products serve industrial applications globally in a wide variety of environments. Covering various industrial settings, our in-house team of engineers deliver state of the art products and solutions to our clients.


Our suite of standard products provide cost-effective solutions to most industrial applications. In addition, we are well adapted to delivering highly customized systems; taking full responsibility for engineering, procurement, fabrication, supply, and installation.


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