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If you are researching nitrogen generators to begin on-site production of your own nitrogen, you’ve come to the right place. At Holtec, we understand that selecting the right system can be a challenge. Our goal is to make complex technology simple to buy, use and maintain.

To start, we have four families of generators from which to choose depending on:

    1. How much nitrogen you need. The Holtec line-up includes systems as small as a cabinet to large modular systems capable of producing over 2300 SCFM each.
    2. The purity requirements of the application. Many customers start learning the purity requirement by reviewing the nitrogen spec of what they are currently buying. But this negates an important advantage of generating your own nitrogen, which is tailoring the nitrogen purity to your actual needs in order to achieve maximum cost savings.
    3. The work environment. Our experience shows that this goes beyond the physical environment of temperature, humidity, and weather exposure. It also includes significant consideration for the individuals who are responsible for the day to day operations.

The chart below illustrates how our four product families related to one another relative to capacity and purity.

Nitrogen Generators Holtec Product Lines

One size does NOT fit all.

Selecting a nitrogen generator should be straightforward – but there are multiple approaches to the desired outcome. What makes the difference is that we listen! While our standard products make system selection easier, our ability to understand your application, your environment, and your users – allows us to configure a system that meets your needs. Rather than simply providing a standard product, we’ll suggest the solution that is right for your needs. Working together with you, solving your application challenges, is how Holtec will be your valued partner during the N2 generator selection process.


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