Holtec Gas Systems (Holtec) can provide start-up and commissioning services for gas separation equipment manufactured by Holtec or other manufacturers. We have traveled to many offshore oil production facilities in Europe, the Middle East, and other parts of the world to perform service. We are able to service membrane and PSA type nitrogen generators. This may include supplying new membrane separators, carbon molecular sieve or engineering services. Oftentimes, simply doing minor repair and process improvements will enhance system performance.

Holtec serviced two Membrane Nitrogen Generators and two PSA Nitrogen Generators used in connection with the commissioning of the oil pipeline built between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. In addition to filling carbon molecular sieve, repairing and putting the PSA systems back in operation, we managed to increase nitrogen production from the membrane systems. The increased nitrogen production resulted in a cost saving since it reduced the pipeline commissioning by several days!

Nitrogen Generation Application Pig Line
N2 used for: Pipeline Services (Pig Launching)
PSA N2 Service and Maintenance Process
Service of: PSA N2 Generators (Offshore)

Holtec has serviced several offshore PSA Nitrogen Generators. Our services have included carbon molecular sieve replacement. Not many companies in the world have PSA experience combined with offshore certifications. We are often subcontracted by other PSA manufacturers and major industrial gas companies to service their offshore systems!

Our company can service gas separation equipment in addition to providing basic engineering services in most disciplines for a broad range of applications.