Holtec Gas Systems LLC.

Holtec Gas Systems is an internationally recognized nitrogen generator manufacturer, offering expertly designed nitrogen generation systems. Holtec has designed and fabricated nitrogen generators for a great variety of industrial, food & beverage and manufacturing applications worldwide (references available upon request). From concept to engineering design, procurement, fabrication, installation, and personnel training—we provide a complete turnkey solution to your nitrogen generation needs.

Nitrogen generation provides an affordable, energy-conscious alternative to buying liquid nitrogen/high pressure gas cylinders. Producing only the purity of nitrogen needed with a Holtec Gas Systems Membrane or PSA Nitrogen Generator reduces your costs and eliminates the hassle and safety issues you have with cylinder or liquid nitrogen supplies.

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We lead with science and engineering while some of our competition make their sales force the priority. Our key engineers have over 100 years of combined experience in the gas separation industry, and our designs have been streamlined through years of field testing. We use long lasting, high quality parts, and simple, compact designs (often with no moving parts) to ensure that our systems meet high industrial standards for durability and efficiency. With a clean air supply, filter changes are the only maintenance our generator will need for 10+ years.

Holtec supplies turnkey Generators, ready for hook-up to a compressed air supply. Generator capacities typically range from 20 to 250,000 scfh (0.5 – 6,700 Nm3/h) with purities between 90 and 99.999% N2. We provide standard nitrogen systems or custom generators built in accordance with your precise specifications. We also provide engineering support, and repair services for existing installations. Holtec Gas Systems offers the solution that best fits your needs.

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