Large Nitrogen Generators: Precision and Adaptability

Elevating Nitrogen Generation Efficiency


Holtec meets the need for pure nitrogen gas at high flow rates with its state-of-the-art Niagara™ large nitrogen generators. We have innovated nitrogen generation solutions that cater to a diverse range of applications without sacrificing on gas purity.


In the realm of industrial gas utilization, the demand for high-purity nitrogen gas has become increasingly pivotal across diverse sectors. Nitrogen is available from gas suppliers in multiple delivery forms (bulk liquid, liquid dewars, and high-pressure cylinders). Alternately, nitrogen can be self-generated by extracting it from ambient air using either PSA or Membrane technology.


Generating nitrogen gas through Pressure-Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems presents a less costly approach than purchasing gas in bulk. Additionally, self-generated nitrogen is typically less costly to purchase and uses less electricity than cryogenic distillation. In PSAs, compressed air is passed over a carbon molecular sieve that preferentially adsorbs oxygen. This permits the selective passage of nitrogen molecules while retaining other components.


Our innovative methodology not only ensures the extraction of high-purity nitrogen gas but also presents notable energy efficiency advantages. Additional cost savings can be realized by selecting the correct purity for your application. This eliminates waste by not producing more pure gas than is needed. Our experienced sales engineers can help you select the appropriate purity for your specific application.


To aid in this even further, we offer the EnergyAssistant™ system. It allows users to optimize energy consumption in relation to varying nitrogen usage profiles.

Key Benefits

Cutting-Edge Technology for High Purity

Holtec's large nitrogen generators achieve nitrogen purity levels of up to 99.9995% (5 ppm O2 content). This makes them ideal for industries demanding elevated standards of nitrogen quality.


Flexible Capacities to Suit Your Needs

Our nitrogen generators offer adaptable capacities to meet your specific requirements efficiently. From low to moderate capacities, Holtec has a solution for every application, be it industrial or commercial.


User-Friendly Interface and Remote Monitoring

The flagship Niagara™ Series comes equipped with a full-color animated Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that provides an intuitive user experience. The browser interface allows for remote user monitoring of performance and troubleshooting issues with the assistance of our factory personnel.


Purity Options Tailored to Your Demands

Holtec nitrogen generators offer industry-leading purity options, ranging from 95% to an exceptional 99.9995%. This flexibility ensures that your nitrogen gas matches the exact purity requirements of your application, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.


Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Our generators are designed for energy efficiency. They feature low power consumption, reducing compressor horsepower and overall electrical costs. By generating nitrogen in-house, you can significantly reduce operating expenses, leading to a rapid Return on Investment (ROI).

Staying Connected

HoltecConnect™ is a remote gateway that enhances the monitoring and support of nitrogen generators within the framework of the Niagara™ PSA system. Authorized users pass through a secure online connection to conveniently access crucial statistics of the nitrogen generator from any web browser.


This tool proves highly advantageous as it allows certified Holtec dealers to engage in continuous monitoring of the nitrogen generator. This helps preemptively avert downtimes while allowing businesses to reallocate their workforce to focus more intently on their core activities. Notably, the security features of HoltecConnect™ are adaptable, permitting easy disablement to enhance data security. However, its utility surpasses mere monitoring.


Strategically placed sensors within the generator allow for the remote diagnosing of a multitude of issues without incurring the time and financial costs associated with physical field visits. Additionally, remedial actions can often be executed remotely. And for situations demanding on-site intervention, technicians can assess the required components beforehand. This effectively reduces the necessity for follow-up visits.


The HoltecConnect™ features include:

-        Email alerts and warnings

-        Direct text notifications to mobile devices (without the need for a cellular modem)

-        Real-time visualization of vital parameters like nitrogen purity, pressure, and flow

-        Remote initiation and cessation of the nitrogen generator's operation

-        Adjustment of process parameters

-        Observation and graphical representation of system performance in both real-time and historical contexts

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

EnergyAssistant™ represents a novel solution that addresses the customized energy-saving needs of customers using Holtec's PSA systems. These systems employ a premium-quality, exceptionally efficient carbon molecule sieve for optimal energy efficiency. This distinctive feature minimizes both compressed air consumption and subsequent electricity usage.


The PSA system showcases an intelligent functionality by detecting periods of nitrogen non-utilization and halting operation entirely. This results in zero electricity consumption during idle phases. But what happens when the customer continues to use nitrogen, but at a lower rate than system design?


While conventional PSA systems maintain relatively uniform compressed air consumption regardless of actual demand, EnergyAssistant™ provides dynamic adaptability. It responds in real-time, causing compressed air demand reduction that closely mirrors nitrogen usage between 40-100% capacity. This yields an approximate 1:1 ratio. Even when nitrogen demand falls below 40% of the system's total capacity, notable energy savings persist.


EnergyAssistant™ empowers customers with variable usage profiles to achieve significant energy conservation gains across a spectrum of operational scenarios.

Model Lineup

Niagara™ Series: Flexibility at its Peak

-        PSA technology with purity up to 99.9995% (5 ppm O2 content)

-        Adjustable capacities to meet a wide spectrum of requirements

-        Dynamic, animated GUI for user-friendly interaction

-        Remote user monitoring and troubleshooting for enhanced support

-        Real-time and historical trend graphing for performance assessment

Industries and Applications

Holtec's nitrogen generators find applications in a wide range of industries:


-        Food & Beverage: Ensuring product freshness, quality, and extended shelf life.

-        Medical & Pharmaceutical: Supporting critical processes such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical device production.

-        Transportation: Enhancing safety by preventing combustion and fire hazards in fuel tanks.

-        Electrical & Electronics: Protecting sensitive electronic components from oxidation and moisture.

-        Chemical & Petrochemical: Maintaining inert atmospheres and preventing reactions in chemical processes.

Unlocking Savings and Increasing Profitability

By investing in a Holtec Niagara™ large nitrogen generator, you gain control over your nitrogen supply, reduce operating costs, and increase profitability. Say goodbye to the constraints of supplier contracts and fluctuating prices. With on-site nitrogen generation, you have nitrogen readily available whenever you need it, ensuring smooth operations and flexibility.


Holtec's Niagara™ nitrogen generators meet your diverse needs by bringing together cutting-edge technology, adaptable capacities, energy efficiency, and purity control. However, whichever series you choose, you're embracing a cost-effective solution that empowers your business with in-house nitrogen gas generation. Step into the realm of nitrogen self-sufficiency and elevate your operations with Holtec's reliable and innovative nitrogen generation systems. Contact us today to find the perfect nitrogen generator for your specific process requirements.


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