This simple, turnkey Membrane type Nitrogen Generator provides a cost-effective means for on-site nitrogen gas generation. It is based on using the latest membrane technology to separate nitrogen from the other gases contained in air. Holtec offers one of the most efficient and durable Nitrogen Generation Systems on the market.

Membrane nitrogen generators use one or more permeable hollow fiber type membrane modules to separate compressed air into a high-pressure nitrogen product stream and a low-pressure oxygen enriched waste stream. Typical feed air pressure is 125 psig/8.6 barg. Operation at higher pressure will increase the product flow. Typical product purity for our systems is 97%. Product flow rate for the same system will be higher with better nitrogen recovery if if a higher oxygen content can be accepted in the nitrogen product. Systems are available with a product purity up to 99.5% nitrogen.

Generation systems are supplied as complete and ready for hookup to a compressed air supply, and it includes air filters and controls for automatic operation. Flip of a switch startup and maintenance is limited to changing filters every three to twelve months. Each Membrane Nitrogen Generator comes pre-tested and fine tuned to meet the customer specified nitrogen flow rate and purity.

Holtec Gas Systems (Holtec) offers an affordable alternative to high-pressure nitrogen bottles or liquid nitrogen and our nitrogen generators have proven to be very popular and reliable for many applications. Producing your nitrogen in a Holtec Membrane Nitrogen Generator reduces the nitrogen cost and eliminates the hassles and safety issues you have with high-pressure nitrogen bottles or liquid nitrogen.


 View Spirit™ Series membrane nitrogen generator datasheet