Small Nitrogen Generators: Efficiency, Purity, Profitability

Reliable Solutions for High-Purity Nitrogen Gas Needs

Holtec's range of Small Nitrogen Generators cater to the demands of industries that require nitrogen gas with unparalleled purity. We offer over a century of engineering and innovation, design, and manufacturing experience. Our comprehensive selection of compact nitrogen generators reflect this history in their reliability, efficiency, and profitability for your operations.


Our Small Nitrogen Generators utilize advanced technologies such as molecular sieves and IOT, ensuring nitrogen production that surpasses industry standards. Say goodbye to the logistical challenges of managing gas cylinders and the uncertainties of supply. With adjustable flow rates and pressure swing capabilities, our generators efficiently cater to varying demands.


Our solutions allow you to seamlessly transition from supplier-provided high-pressure gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen dewars to a streamlined in-house nitrogen supply. All without compromising on gas purity levels!

Key Features

Cutting-edge Technology for Ultra-Pure Nitrogen

Our Small Nitrogen Generators integrate state-of-the-art Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and Continuous Flow Membrane technologies. This combination yields nitrogen gas purity levels that range from a commendable 99.5% to an exceptional 99.9995%. Together they ensure the utmost precision for your process-specific requirements.


Tailored Capacities for Diverse Needs

Acknowledging the diversity in industrial needs, Holtec's Niagara™ Series offers adaptable capacities that triumph over a multitude of applications. Whether your needs are modest or moderate, even demanding steady-state processes, our generators stand ready.


User-Friendly Interface

A user interface can make a world of difference. The NitroBreeze™ Series boasts an animated, full-color Human-Machine Interface (HMI), streamlining user interactions. Furthermore, remote monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities via various browser interfaces – be it mobile, tablet, or PC – amplify convenience.


Modular Efficiency

The NitroBreeze™ and CompactBreeze™ Series shine with their designs that effortlessly pass through standard doors. This strategic design minimizes installation challenges and optimizes space utilization. Notably, the NitroBreeze™ Series excels with its "One-Touch" operation, simplifying user engagement.


Model Lineup

NitroBreeze™ Series: Agility Redefined

-        PSA technology with purity up to 99.999% (10 ppm O2 content)

-        Modular design for low to moderate capacities

-        Seamless installation through 36” wide doors

-        Purpose-driven design for plug-and-play simplicity

-        "One-Touch" operation for intuitive usability

Spirit™ Series: Tailored Flexibility

-        Continuous flow membrane technology

-        Remarkably compact footprint for effortless integration

-        Suited for a wide range of application demands

-        Designed for low to moderate capacities

-        N2 purities reaching up to 99.5% (0.5% O2 content)

-        Simple solution with no electronics, catering to hazardous areas


CompactBreeze™ Series: Boost Your Profits

-        In-house nitrogen generation for reduced costs and amplified profits

-        Specially designed for small-to-medium businesses

-        Cabinets fitting through standard doors, protecting components

-        Nitrogen purity up to 99.999% for lab applications and more

-        Straightforward "One-Touch" operation, making installation a breeze

Industries and Applications

Holtec's Small Nitrogen Generators transcend industries, serving in food packaging, chemical blanketing, electronics, laboratories, and even laser cutting processes. Our generators ensure a reliable and high-purity supply of nitrogen for each unique application, boosting operational efficiency.

Invest in Profitability with Holtec Small Nitrogen Generators

Seize the opportunity to enhance profitability through in-house nitrogen generation. By opting for our generators, you significantly reduce operating costs associated with purchasing nitrogen. This method eliminates the hassles of contractual constraints, availability issues, and escalating costs tied to external nitrogen supply.

Elevate your operations with Holtec's Small Nitrogen Generators, where innovation and engineering excellence converge. Unveil a world of efficient nitrogen supply, reduced costs, and increased profitability. Dive into our diverse models, discover their unique features, and empower your business today. Experience the benefits of tailored nitrogen generation, tailored to your needs, and maximize your potential.


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